* Improve your Single Life

* Deal with your own Feelings

* Pursue a Fulfilling Life

* Make your Own Decisions for your Better Future


* Find a Suitable Partner

* Discover your Relationship Potential

* Grow and Understand your own Relationship Needs better

* Develop through the use of Ancient Astrological Insights


* Shed light on your Actual Relationship dilemma’s

* Connect on a Deeper Level with your Partner

* Find the Spark in your Relationship

* Someone Confidential and Non Judgmental to Actively Listen to Your Side of the Story

Why are these services needed?

Nowadays there are many singles, many choices, many directions to go to and sometimes life can seem overwhelming. There are different challenges in day to day life than there used to be, without the development of technology, internet dating, speed dating, combined marriages, mixed marriages, polyamory, breaking free of sexual taboo and many more. To explore these and many other options it is good to talk to someone confidential who also knows about these topics, is open minded and non judgmental.

Your Better Future

Everyone is in their own process in their life, and we each go through our own growth. There are many cultural and religious shifts due to globalization. The freedom of choice gives us the opportunity to make the best out of our life, as a Single, through Dating or in a Thriving Relationship. To help you navigate through life I’m here to help you understand yourself better and make better decisions for your better future.

Next Steps…

Interested in a session? Or have any questions? Feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you soon. There are always free 15 min intakes through phone or by email.