Do you feel you crossed a certain dilemma in your relationship and you want to hear some feedback? Do you feel your relationship is in a bad shape or not that fun anymore, or your sex life is going through the drain? All kinds of questions around your relationship are good to talk about. During an intake we can look at the situation and give an estimation for a solution or different solutions.

Are you in a troubled relationship, or do you have questions about your relationship or how you can improve your sex life? Do you have problems with the current relationship or you just want to know how to make it more interesting or develop further? Or do you feel that some feelings in the relationship don’t get answered, satisfied or heard? Questions around your relationship, or your past relationships or your future relationship can come into the light during the sessions.

Themes that can be of importance are for example:

  • communication problems
  • no real sexual intimacy or attraction anymore
  • different sexual needs
  • sexual problems
  • growing apart, differences
  • divorcing or staying
  • is (s)he (emotionally, mentally, physically) abusive?
  • being in love with someone else & polyamory
  • how to handle the jealous ex or you are jealous with his ex(es)?
  • is it me, him or both of us?
  • how to deal with interracial/inter-religious/intercultural relationships?

Next Steps…

Interested in a session? Or have any questions? Feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you soon. There are always free 15 min intakes through phone or by email.