Planetary Attractions and Relationships

In society we normally value the marriage as the relationship, but actually there are different relationship dynamics according to the role you have in the relationship.

To understand the romantic or sexual roles better in a relationship, planetary influences can contribute in understanding your relationship dynamics. For the woman the Moon and Venus are a reasonable guideline, where the Moon is the younger woman and the Venus is the mature version. You can also see this in your own birth chart, where you grow towards your own Venus.

For the type of man/men that you feel attracted to or that attract you, there are different types that are associated with the masculine archetype planets. These are archetype ideas of the man that plays a certain role in your life, or in your sexual or relational connection. There are nowadays off course more roles and patterns, but these archetypes can be seen as basic dynamics in a (sexual) relationship.

You can also translate these archetypes from your birth chart and couples horoscope, so you can see what kind of role the man plays in your life or in your relationship. To find the right archetype you have to use your feelings but also you can look at your birth chart and couples horoscope, the dominant aspects and the dominant planet(s).

It also means there is not always just one need in a woman’s life, and there are different type of characters that you can be attracted to. The color and ambiance of the type is more shaped by the specific Star Sign and Element the planet is residing in, and your needs according to your own birth chart.


Yellow glow, warm, nurturing, healthy, radiant, sunshine, sunset, beach, the man supports the woman and the woman nurtures the man. The man let the woman grow and shine, the woman looks up to the man as a hero. 


Sexual exciting, flowing energies, slightly younger woman with slightly older or equal age man, nurturing but also protective, and sexual. Young love. 


Child-parent freedom and love, Student-Teacher, Disciple-Guru, Warm expansion, nurtured, big age difference. Growth. 


Child-parent discipline, big age difference, tough love, growing up. 


Electric, exciting, a big shock to the emotional system, distant, distant connections, detached. 


Finding the ideal, the romantic, the softness, the merging, the gentle, tantra, the fantasy, the fairytale, the big epic romance. The woman gets lost in the man and the man gets lost in the woman. They start dreaming and fantasizing. Dream connection. 


Too much force on a small person can be in an abusive relationship, sexual, primal, bdsm, dom-sub, extremes, black white, drama. Hidden, secrecy but unequal power balance. Nurturing woman and overpowering man. Not parse a big age difference, just a different power dynamic. 


Attraction, shining, loving, caring, equal love, growing together, slight age difference. The woman and man are both sexually mature, the man is stable and a source of light and radiance, the woman is beautiful and feminine. Supportive love.  


Fire-water, two dynamics equal to each other, mature, same age or slightly age difference love. They fight, they tease, they joke, they make love, they are equal to each other. Young love. 


The sensual and sexual mature woman that knows the art of eroticism, loving, attraction, teasing and connection, with the slightly older man. The older man gives expansion, and excitement exists, the woman becomes a bit like a diva or larger than life persona. 


Discipline and inhibited love, mature love, cold love, the woman is like the grown up and the  man is also grown up, but the love is minimal or colder in nature. There is some kind of poverty or frugal about the relationship. The Venusian energy doesn’t flow unforced and by itself, there is a feeling of cold and harsh love. Can lead to discipline.  


Radiant and electric, the Venusian woman shines and is electric in her appearance, gets nurtured through the man’s erratic and spontaneous behavior. Excitement, shock and drama. 


Lovers romance, the ideal fantasy, where the woman is grown up and romantic and the man is offering the charm and romance, the fantasy. The man is older than the woman, but both are mature. 


Strong attraction, bdsm while the woman and the man switch roles, same role play, the man is stronger, dark, clandestine, like a thriller. Woman is sensual, feminine and in feminine power. The woman is fully grown. 

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