Astro Potential Lovers Analysis

During this reading there is talked about important traits of both partners and the dynamics in a relationship. This session is to see if a match can be made between you and a potential lover. There is also looked at your personal preferences and your own Birth Chart. Possibly a reading can take up easily much longer than 60 min, so you can think of a next consult or an extended consult, but we can also decide that during or after the first reading. The extended consult can take up to 90 min, and costs $100. If you don’t have a birth time of both you and your potential lover, the consult will be shorter, but nonetheless still valuable. To have a session at least needed is a birth date and birth place, and if possible a birth time of both people involved.

Complete Astro Relationship Analysis

This session can stand by itself or it can be start for understanding your existing relationship better. It is meant to look at the dynamics of the relationship and its deeper potential. There are different aspects that we can look at. We look at least at long term aspects but also at sexual chemistry. It’s also interesting if you don’t bump into problems in your relationship yet, but you’re just curious about your potential as a couple. For both partners there is made a separate horoscope and one combined horoscope which resembles the long term development of the relationship. For both partners is needed a birth date, birth time and birthplace. This can also be fun to have as a symbol of your relationship! If there are problems in the relationship, this can be a good way to start consults and sessions in relationship counselling.

Astro Self Development Future Analysis

This session exist out of an Analysis of the long term view and development of yourself and your future. We will view at different divination methods to analyze your life direction and progress. There are different layers of development in a persons life. There is the mundane, the spiritual and the personal levels: the physical, the emotional and the mental. These facets all play a role. In astrology we use the current planetary influences and the personal calculated planetary influences. There are small and big waves of personal growth. In the session we will most likely focus on the big waves and if you have any personal questions, you can also ask them during the session.

For every astrological service I need per mail the next details:

– Name/names/Pseudonyms
– Birth date, birth place, birth time
– Your email address, your phone number

“If you want to get the maximum out of your first reading, you can write down some questions upfront and email them, so I can focus on those themes during the session.”

Next Steps…

Interested in a session? Or have any questions? Feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you soon. There are always free 15 min intakes through phone or by email.