Single Coaching & Counselling

Nowadays there are a lot of singles out there. To understand how to make the best time out of your single life and how to date in an effective way, can be a challenge sometimes. I’m here to help you through the Single & Dating Scene, with active listening, questioning, advice and suggestions.

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Astro Relationship Match Making

For people that cannot seem to find “the One” or are searching for a long term meaningful relationship, or people that want to deepen their relationship and see the relationship potential, it is interesting to look at your personal Astrological Compatibility. I make personalized Compatibility Analysis for new and seasoned couples.

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Relationship Counselling

If you feel stuck in your relationship or need someone to help you make sound decisions according to your relationship(s), or if you want to evaluate your relationship(s), I’m here to listen and give meaningful feedback according to your needs and your life philosophy. I’m non judgmental and open minded, and we can also discuss deeper concerns.

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True Sparring Partner

Are you searching for someone that finally tells you the truth? Someone that can analyze a situation from different angles and uses methods that are working to make a success out of your Single, Dating and Relationship life? I am the right Sparring Partner for your questioning and search in finding your ideal life or ideal mate.

Depending on where you are in your search through life, I can assist and guide you through what is effective to do, what is needed and what makes sense.

Next Steps…

Interested in a session? Or have any questions? Feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you soon. There are always free 15 min intakes through phone or by email.